People are fake.   Those who are not fake are often very fickle.

How many times have you thought you were friends with someone, only to discover that the friendship was not real?

How many times have you had experiences with ‘fair weather friends’?  Those who stick by you while things are fun, but the moment that you find you have a problem, they disappear, or are suddenly not there for you?

How many of you have had conditional friends; those that will be your friend, as long as you do them favours, pander to their every need, or subscribe to the same beliefs about life and the universe as they know it?  The moment you stop doing any of those things, you discover that the friend you thought you had has dropped you from their social circle, often without so much as a “Fuck you very much”?

How many of you have had a friend who appeared, to all intents and purposes, to be your friend, only to drop you like a bag of shit because they were too scared to say “I disagree with your perspective” or “You have done something that has upset me.  We need to talk”?

How many of you have had a friend who appears to be there for you while nurturing a grudge about something you have done that upset them months ago, only to bring it up as they flounce out of your life.  There had been no mention of your ‘offence’; in fact, your conversations continued on a daily basis, and you were left surprised to learn that months had gone by in which you engaged in conversation with your ‘friend’, blissfully ignorant that you had caused any offence to begin with?

This happens a lot on the internet.  It happens in RT, too, but it happens more frequently in cyberspace.

It is incredibly easy to be a fuckhead in cyberspace.  Cutting contact with a person is often as easy as clicking on a link or pressing a button.  There are no ‘uncomfortable conversations’; no need for discussions or unpleasant confrontations; just “cick” and the person is gone.  They are out of your life with the convenience of one small finger movement on a mouse.

What a lot of people still consistently fail to realise, no matter how long the cyber world has been in existence now, is that there is actually another person on the other side of the monitor.  That person has all the idiosyncrasies, emotions, thoughts, feelings, and opinions that you do.  But, because you are not in the same physical room as them, it is incredibly easy to justify any lack of a real existence beyond your own.

Feelings are still hurt behind the pixels on the screen.  Emotional reactions still occur, whether you can see them or not.

It does not surprise me any more when I see appalling behaviour online.

Most of this behaviour would not occur in a RT space but it is the internet, so behaving like a douche is an acceptable behaviour.  Apparently.

In reality it is not. However, in the 21st Century where instant gratification is the norm, eradicating people from your life has become an exercise in cowardice of the most convenient kind.

Pathetic, really.


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