Selective Blindness.

Have people lost the ability to read?  Or have they lost the ability to comprehend what they read?  Maybe, because it is the interwebs, people think that rules don’t apply to them?  Perhaps they just don’t care?

Whatever the reason, I am sick of humanity’s bloody minded determination to act like complete TOOLS on the internet, and their seeming inability to respect the rules on forums and social sites.

When you join a site you agree to abide by the website’s ToU.  There is  even a little button that (usually says) “I agree” that you must press before you can register.

In the case of a forum, you then go on to agree to the particular rules set in place by the owners of that forum.

Well, that is how it is supposed to work.  However, once in these forums, people seem to forget all about the ‘rules’.

Would you visit a friend’s house and fail to show the simplest common courtesy for their ‘house rules’?  Would you arrive at a stranger’s house and proceed to help yourself to the food in their fridge, ignore their wishes, throw their cats outside, piss in their sink, and disrespect their rules whether you were invited into their home to begin with or not?

Most people would say “No” in answer to those questions.  So you, you who has just answered “no”, why do you do the online equivalent of this once you are behind a monitor?

Each and every time the rules of  forums are ignored, you are doing the equivalent of what you have just said you would not do in a person’s home!

The moderators and owners of groups on some of these forums are your hosts.  You are in their ‘home’.

I am beyond sick to death of ungrateful, ignorant asshats with selective blindness, bad manners, no sense of common human decency, and a complete lack of respect for anyone or anything other than themselves.

Every day I find yet another reason to loathe the human race.  Keep going, people.  Knock yourselves out!  No. Really!  Knock yourselves out!



Filed under Rants; or 'That Which Pisses Me Off Mightily'!

2 responses to “Selective Blindness.

  1. I haven’t heard the term asshats in awhile. Kudos.

  2. My dearest Mistress Savannah,
    Once again you have stated the obvious to the blind and will forever be faced with the challenges of the ineptitudes of humanity.

    Until there is a Zombie Apocalypse where only the intelligent and strong survive and all the morons are eaten, people like us and the many people who suffer our similar grievances, will continue to isolate ourselves, bitch about the moron’s behind the monitor and run in terror of these dipshits.

    I would rather face a zombie horde than deal with the constant stupidity of the people on the web…or in real life for that matter.

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