Solipsism is getting old very fast.

When I was a postgrad’ student I never paid much attention to this philosophical position.  I found it an interesting hypothesis as such things go, but that was the sum total of my interest in the topic at the time.  I really could not see any point in becoming more than passingly familiar with this particular philosophy.  It seemed rather pointless, impractical, and irrelevant to me back then…

Until I hit the ‘real world’ and discovered that there are actually people out there that subscribe to this particular sceptical hypothesis, whether they know that they are doing so or not.

Now it is all too relevant and do you know what, people?  If you knew that anyone outside of your own mind existed, you would know that I am really, really tired of your bullshit.


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Filed under Rants; or 'That Which Pisses Me Off Mightily'!

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