Rock Star!

What do you do when things don’t go quite the way you planned?  When your dreams are dashed, or you are tossed aside like trash?

Become a fucking ROCK STAR!  Metaphorically or literally (if you’re good enough for the literal side of things)

Because I can guarantee that  someone, somewhere, will think you are amazing and will appreciate you for who you are and what you can do!  They will treat you the way you should be treated, they will want what you have to offer, and they will actively seek you out for this.

So rock it and don’t look back!  Life is too short to spend with people who don’t want to know you, or who will toss you aside when you are no longer useful, or who drop you for shit when something ‘better’ comes along.

Spend your life alone, or spend it with others – the choice is yours, but what ever you do ROCK IT! ROCK IT THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH!!!

I’m doing it. I’m doing it RIGHT NOW actually.


Mistress Savannah.


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