Let me tell you a secret…

A few years ago, a photograph made its way around the Internet.  It was forwarded in emails, seen on NASA’s website, and even ended up on ‘Snopes’ for a little while there, because people doubted the photo’s legitimacy.

The photograph in question is of Fireworks, Comet McNaught, and a Lightning Storm, all captured in several half-frames.  It was taken by a young Finnish photographer who was on holiday at the time.

This is the photo:  http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap070205.html just in case you have not seen it.

So, what is the secret?  There are two, actually…

I was one of the pyrotechnicians who did that show.  You cannot see me in the photograph, but that is one of my ‘gigs’.  We played to a crowd of 40 000 people that night.

The other secret? Those of us who did that display are part of one of the only ‘female pyro crews’ that I know of.

The things one learns, hmmm?

Yes, Mistress Savannah is full of surprises.


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