The Electronic Universe…

is such a convenient way of finding things out that you did not know, even five minutes ago!  It is also a convenient way of finding out, in a very impersonal way, that you are nothing more than pixels on a screen, that you are no longer important, wanted, required, or valued, that you do not matter, that your opinion is shite, that you suck, that you don’t, or any other numerous thing that one can read or write or learn from the safety provided by a computer monitor.

It is a wonderful way to dump someone.

It is an easy way to tell someone to fuck off.

It is a safe way to abuse someone without fear of any real repercussions.

Writing things on the internet is oh so much more convenient than having to have an awkward conversation with someone in real time because we all know that people in the electronic universe don’t actually have any feelings.

This message has been brought to you by pixels on a screen that all form interesting shapes that look like letters of the alphabet.



Filed under Rants; or 'That Which Pisses Me Off Mightily'!

2 responses to “The Electronic Universe…

  1. Ronin

    It’s a common misconception on the internet. Sadly it is why we have trolls tools twatwaffles and e-thugs. Sadly they very rarely if ever stop to think of the people they are tearing down as actual human beings. The anonimity provided by the internet has been both a blessing and a curse to all of us on it.

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