Tell them you care…if you do!

People die.  People die all the time.  In fact, as I am writing this post, someone is dying, someone has just died, and someone else is about to die.  Someone will be dead by the time I have finished writing this.  Someone will be dead by the time you have finished reading this far.

We take those we care about for granted.   How many times do we end up arguing with someone about something silly; they go, you go, you assume you will make up with them…you “give it some time”.

We forget to say “I love you”.  We assume that this is known because, well, we said it six months ago!

We forget to say “I appreciate you”, or “You are a fantastic friend”, or “Thank you for being in my life”.

We assume that those we care about will be there when we go to bed, and when we wake up in the morning.  We assume they will be there next week, next month, next year.

We are wrong.

And sometimes, we forget to say “I love you mum”, or “I love you, Dad”.


“I love you dad.  I knew, before the Doctors did, that your cancer had returned.  I didn’t know they would find it everywhere, this time.  I know that they are very confident that they will beat it again.  I am, too.  And I am going to plant those wisterias that you hate pruning so much, all over your back yard so that you have something to do when you get well again!”


“I love you, dad”.



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6 responses to “Tell them you care…if you do!

  1. john

    well said my beautiful Lady , hope your Dad will be OK

    “and thank You for being a friend and sharing a special moment in my life ”


  2. Very thoughtful post. Well said.

  3. Vampyredemon

    Prayers and healing energy being sent your way. Know this is NOT an easy time! Going through something similiar with my uncle.

    Over the years of getting rid of the negative and not so good influences in my life, I have to admit, since my father suddenly passed on 2 years ago I make sure that I let those whom I care about in my life, even blood related… I tell them that I love them…because life is too short NOT to say it to those you love!!!

  4. S.

    Thanks for your comments, and good wishes, Vampyredemon. They are appreciated very much.

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