The Dark Side of Halloween.

Most people in the Western World have some small inkling of Halloween’s original meaning and the reasons why it was celebrated, so I am not going to go into any real detail about it, here. For those who don’t know and are from Contemporary Western Society? Well, you’re just as bad as the idiots I intend to rant about in this entry.

While you’re sitting there worried about razor blades in candied apples, or poisoned sweets, and are quite relieved that you received none, have you sat there and thought about the dangers associated with playing with your Ouija Boards? Or what, exactly, you are doing in the Cemetery at this time of year? Or what you are doing when you draw magic symbols you saw in a book somewhere and start chanting incantations that you can’t even pronounce properly?  Do you think it’s a fucking game?

Those kinds of things all deserve a rant of their very own, but I’m trying to stay ‘generalised’ here.  If you think this shit is a game, and you don’t want to take my word for it (and would, perhaps, prefer a more ‘scientific’ verification, instead) then speak to a psych’ nurse anywhere the world over.  Just pick a psych’ nurse; any one of them will do.  Said nurse will tell you about the inmates of the psychiatric institutions they work in, who are there simply because they fucked about with something that they thought was a game. The ones who ended up dead instead, as a result of playing about, are the lucky ones.

Now, I have no intention of telling you who and what I am.  Besides, there is a good chance that you will doubt me, misunderstand me, or discredit me outright if I did.  In fact, a good friend did exactly that to me yesterday!  My friend assumed that I was ‘just another one’ who has made grand claims that cannot be backed up when and where it actually counts.  My friend has been disappointed before. My friend actually said, “Spare me”; which is exactly what I intend to do, can do, already know how to do, and will do when the time comes.  Of course, my friend did not mean ‘spare me’ in that way.  Oh well.  Too bad.  So sad. My friend can reassess at leisure when it’s done, and I am wiping the floor with metaphysical ass, just for a start.

I was actually insulted by my good friend’s words to me, although I understand why they had been said. I don’t even know if my friend knew that I had been insulted. I doubt that they meant to insult me.  Now, I was not insulted in the way that you may think.  I was not insulted because my ‘credentials’, as it were, were questioned. Intelligent people do not just ‘take another person’s word for it’, and my friend is highly intelligent.  No, I was insulted because I had been lumped in among others who don’t have a fucking clue what they are doing!  They make the rest of us look bad, and we must carry the stigma of their stupidity with us wherever we go.

If I say I can do something then you can bet your fucking life that I know that I can.  If I don’t say it?  It means I can’t do it.  And I will tell you I cannot do it, too.  It’s called ‘personal integrity’.  Mine is worth a fuck tonne, to me!

So, you morons out there playing about with shit that you don’t understand, believe in, or simply think is ‘a bit of fun’?  I will say the same thing to you that I have said to others I have dealt with.  Sure.  Ask me for assistance but, once I have given it, you will need to deal with me.  And you really don’t want to have to do that!

And to those of you out there with a bit of knowledge?  Have you ever heard that saying? “A bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing”?  Those of you full of grand claims, who brandish ‘titles’ about like so many bits of useless paper? Titles you have not earned? Here’s a tip for you, too.  EARN them, know your limits, and realise that the ‘Titles’ ,themselves, mean nothing when it comes to metaphorically rolling up your sleeves and dealing with things that must be dealt with.

To those of you who are already insane as a result of fucking about?  Well, there’s no point saying anything to you now, because you will no longer understand.

To those who have died as a result of taking things less than seriously?  Yeah. Well, you know now, don’t you? sigh

I have very little patience for asshats who choose this time of the year to play about with the metaphysical.  Actually, I have very little patience for asshats who play about at any other time of the year, too, but Halloween brings the asshats out in droves.

Use your brains, before they are nothing but a gibbering mess of disjointed half thought and screaming horror when they have been shredded beyond recognition.  Yes, I do realise that some of you have already experienced that without needing to fuck about with anything metaphysical.  And I am also aware that some of you don’t know how to use the brains that you do have.

Yes, Mistress Savannah is livid, and well and truly sick of fucktards, today.

“I see stupid people…they don’t know they’re stupid”.



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3 responses to “The Dark Side of Halloween.

  1. Vampyredemon

    I know I should not be laughing but Belladonna, you are sexy when you are angry!!!! That energy… Mmmmm. Anyway, that last line of your blog is what got me. I used to have a t-shirt that I had made, it had the “I see dead people” on it… I had a friend put silkscreen on the back that said “I see dead people AND I see stupid people” “Which do you think is more frightening?????”

    With what you and I have been around to see, I do understand your anger and concern. Halloween/Samhain/Shadowfest has become something commercial it seems as the old ways of celebration have become so twisted and tormented.

    Ouija boards and other instruments are not toys/games to play with. Even seances are not wise to be performed by the inexperienced. Though with most, the milton bradly or Hasbro (whoever is selling the ouijaboard as a game) – is dangerous. Years ago, after someone bought one for me and gave it to me as a gift for Yule one year, it took me a few years to finally destroy that damn thing.

    I make my own angel board if I need other ways to communicate. I don’t mess around with those things for I have witnessed too much with simple forms of communication. Thankfully I was taught by experienced relatives and such who also follow the paths of enlightenment and yes, a few are like us. *giggles*]

    What’s the most annoying is others who are stupid, probably come to you to fix their messes no???? I know that happens with me… Cheer up Belladonna, you really cannot blame people for their stupidity!!!

  2. S.

    I’m sexy when I’m angry? LOL I have been told that before, but not by those whose asses I’m kicking at the time. No. They use a different descriptor (grin)

    Yes, I have had people come to me to fix their messes in the past. I still get the occasional request but, for the most part, people have learned not to trouble me unless it is dire, now. And, even then, they approach with caution. If I offer assistance in a matter? Without being asked? Well, that is different. But the expectations of the terminally idiotic are beyond annoying.

    I blame people for being stupid when there is no reason for them to be. But in other cases, no. As I said, some of them “don’t know they’re stupid”.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Vampyredemon

    Perhaps it’s the sadist within me, but I can’t help but think that stupid should hurt! Maybe those who “don’t know” will develop the common sense – if it did hurt? *winks*

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