My Art: ‘Self-Portrait’.

Self Portrait. Acrylics and Watercolour on Stretched Canvas. (c) 2010. POA.

It’s been a while between canvases of this nature.  Rather than wait until I finish more of the art that I’m working on, I thought I’d put this piece up now.

Contact me for more details.  The current pics are taken on an iPhone of all things.  Long story.  If you would like pics taken by a decent camera, please be patient?


Mistress Savannah



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6 responses to “My Art: ‘Self-Portrait’.

  1. I do not hate this in the least bit and also i knew it was a self portrait and how do you get your hair like that my tiny was of fossilized bubble gum!

    • S.

      Thank you my little snot soufflé, lightly dusted in the dandruff of animalistic lust. I will email you with instructions on the joy of the hair!

  2. rica

    You look exactly as I dreamed!

    At first glance I thought your eyes were open, but upon closer inspection I see that they are not. This small difference changes the entire view of the picture. Completely different – but two sides of the same coin.

    Really outstanding!

  3. Vampyredemon

    S, I love it. I like the background color as it does bring the portrait into main focus. Truly Exquisite! *hugs*

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