What’s Important.

As the close of 2010 arrived in this part of the world, I had a chance to reflect. I don’t usually have time to do so, because I get ready to work when the clock strikes midnight; lighting the fuses on the firework display that I am doing that year.

Last year was different. And, as the year closed for me, I thought on what was important, and what was not. I thought about what was special, and what really didn’t count.

Everyone has different ideas. What is important to an individual is as varied as the individual, themselves, often is.

So, what was important to me? What was special to me? My ‘list’ is not numbered in any ‘descending order’. All of the following are examples of the things that were special and important to me as the seconds ticked by and the year came to a close.

A new friendship with a US Marine, and the smiles we have brought each other in the last few days. The ability to say a genuine thank you to this amazing man, and hear those words back, was very special, indeed.

Those out fighting while you are out partying. Thank you to all of you; those still here, and those who are not. You’d need to understand my own family’s Military History to understand what I’m saying, but maybe some of you will understand, nonetheless.

A bond with my fellow crew mates that runs deeper than blood.

A hug from my brother.

A special gift from two strangers.

A child’s joy as the clock reached midnight for me. A father’s love because it made his son smile to count down those moments with me. I’m sure he did it for him, but it was special to me too. No matter what his reasons were, I hope that he smiled, too. It brought me to tears, but I smiled through them all.

Loyalty, tenacity, strength, determination, and guts. Real friendship, real family, and real personal integrity.

And the capacity and strength to turn dreams into goals, and goals into accomplishments. To never give up. To just get the job done.

Ah, but that ability is not new to some of us, at all.

Some things don’t change.

Of course, there were other things, too, that were and are very special to me.  But I’m not listing them all here.

Happy New Year to those reading this Blog. And may it actually be happy. You can make it so if you try, and if you know where to look. That power is yours. Don’t ever forget that!


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