The Thing About Demons…

Some of them are annoying and dangerous, but they can be banished if you know how.

Some of them are not annoying, just dangerous, and it takes a bit more work to see them off.

The ‘Big Boys’ will tear your mind apart before you know what has hit you.  You don’t stand a chance. There is no hope of fight, no chance to make a move.

Some of them play with you.  They like to play with their food.  Some go so far as to lead you to believe that they’re nice.  They are convincing, and deadly. And they know what they do.

You amuse them.  That’s all.  But you are still food.  And you were expendable the moment you made contact.  No matter what you may think to the contrary. No matter what you believe. No matter how much fun you think you’re having.

You may think it fun to play with such Demons.  They seem harmless enough, after all, and you like a bit of danger. You think you’re safe, and like the naive fool you really are, you offer yourself, while they grin, and they know that you don’t have a clue.

Until they grow bored.

Oh, they always grow bored.

Don’t look at me!

I’m not here to save you.

I’m not immune!

Besides, you will not heed my warnings anyway.


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Filed under Observations on Life and the Universe as I See it.

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