So, You Want to be a Vampire, Huh?

I am sure that I am not the only one who has noticed an increase in people either claiming to be Vampires, or wanting to be Vampires. A large quantity of those wishing to be Vampires are teenagers. I blame Stephanie Meyers ‘Twilight’ series, in large part, for this sudden influx of teens who are desperate to become ‘undead’.

Internet Boards and Social Sites for what are termed ‘Real Vampires’ are ravaged daily with teenaged pleas to, “Please make me a Vampire?! I’m begging you!”. They can have no idea what they are asking!

So what are ‘Real Vampires’? Some of you may be familiar with the term but, for those of you who are not, I will explain it very briefly here. ‘Real Vampires’ are not humans living under the delusion that they are ‘undead’, thousands of years old, or that they are mystical creatures. They know that they are human and can and will die. There are various theories about the condition, and there is debate among Vampires about using the term ‘Vampire’ as a descriptor because of its inseparable associations with literary fiction. However, an underlying trait that is common to all ‘Real Vampires’ is the belief that they are deficient in the ‘life force’ that all humans seem to be born with. As a result of this deficiency they require blood or psychic energy of some kind to function at their peak physical and mental condition. I am not about to go into any great detail about this topic.The interested reader can research themselves, if they wish to. A good place to start is

Certain medical conditions can mimic symptoms that ‘Real Vampires’ experience and, before you start snickering into your hand, rolling your eyes, and shaking your head while diagnosing them as nothing more than Loons, let me just give you the following to think about. I am trying to provide an unbiased perspective here, and I would like you to think on this before you draw your own conclusions.

Now, while there is no doubt that a certain section of the population who claim to be ‘Real Vampires’ actually have nothing more than a mental illness, let us look at the following. I could go back further in history but this Blog entry will turn into a dissertation in a hurry if I do.

  • Two hundred years ago, sex with a virgin was believed to cure syphilis. Medical discourse of the time also stated, categorically, that women carried the disease within their vaginal fluids, and were born with this disease simply because they were female.
  • Just over one hundred years ago Medical science also believed that women were less intelligent than men because their brains are smaller.
  • At around about the same time, Psychiatry was born as a discipline in its own right.The Social Sciences are still in their infancy and a great deal about the human mind is still a mystery in this century.
  • At about the same time as Psychiatry entered Western Society people laughed at the idea that humans would ever be able to fly in contraptions that are now a part of every day life on this planet: aeroplanes.
  • Towards the end of the last century no one really believed that computers would be of any interest to the average person.
  • Conservative science has now discovered that there are more than two sexes, and there are an even larger number of genders. That same conservative science has also accepted and tried to explain ‘Near Death Experiences‘ and ‘Out of Body Experiences‘. Both these subjects are no longer topics reserved for scientists on the fringes of academic society; those who lecture in empty auditoriums and are shunned on the way to the lab by other scientists who are quite sure that their colleagues need some serious psychotropic drugs!
  • Quantum Physics is discovering new aspects of existence regularly.
  • NASA Scientists have just discovered an ‘Alien’ life form on Earth that, ‘technically’ should not be able to exist.

If anyone wants proper peer-reviewed journal articles on any of these topics, then let me know and I will provide references for you.

However, my point is, given the previous examples, is it really unfeasible that ‘Real Vampires’ may actually exist? No, not the sort with fangs, who live forever, can fly, turn into bats, and usually have rather impressively archaic and aristocratic names!

There is debate within the ‘Vampire¬†Community’ about how one becomes a ‘Real Vampire’. A certain sub-section of the community believes that it is possible to be ‘turned’ but they are in the minority. One thing does seem to be reasonably constantly agreed upon, though; many ‘Real Vampires’ agree that the condition is not something that one would wish upon another, even if ‘turning’ were possible.

Between severe cravings and other physical discomforts, misunderstanding, scorn, armchair diagnoses of ‘insanity’ from those not qualified to give such diagnoses, combined with a plethora of teenage ‘Twilight Fans’ who bombard these ‘Real Vampires’ with questions, and pleas to be ‘turned’, who would wish to become one, Hmmm?


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