New Art: ‘Playing With the Dragon’.

I am including three photographs here. None of them show this painting to its best advantage, but here they are, anyway.

It is entitled ‘Playing With the Dragon’ and was inspired by the Dragons that are invoked each and every time we do a Fireworks Display. The Fireworks are a Dragon, and each One allows us to frolic and play with It until It blinks back into whatever Dimension It usually exists in.

The first photo was taken on my iPhone and, apart from the fact that it is a little too dark, it gives the best idea of how the picture looks from the front:

This photo is taken with a digital camera.  It still doesn’t work properly because it shows brush-strokes that are not apparent to the ‘naked eye’, but it does show the colour a little better, along with the gold acrylic paint which is only visible when the light hits the painting from an angle. The light shining on the painting is sunlight coming through my vertical blinds.

The one below shows Mr Jenkins critiquing the work in question. He has paused in his speech both for effect, and in order to allow the audience to absorb his words so far:


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