‘The Charlie Sheen Situation’.

Unless you live on another planet, or don’t have access to any kind of technology, you are no doubt aware of what I will term ‘The Charlie Sheen Situation’.

Everyone has an opinion on the man right now.  Armchair diagnoses abound, along with criticism, support, humour, and the ‘everyone loves a trainwreck’ mentality is in overload. There is now an internet browser add-on  available so that people can block out the noise about the man.

I do not know him, personally.  I have watched movies that he has been in, but I cannot claim to know a great deal about him.  He is, quite simply, an actor well known to my generation.

Now, I am not about to sit here and write a blog devoid of my own opinions on the subject, but what I am going to do is dissect some of the comments that seem to be screaming the loudest on the internet superhighway of Bullshit and Truth:

“Charlie Sheen is a Trainwreck”.  Really? Are you absolutely sure about that? Oh, I’m sure you’ve seen the footage, and read the news reports, and know that some of his behaviours, and ‘quotes’ appear to be ‘odd’ and, as a result, you have determined that you are ‘watching a celebrity breakdown’. Well, let me ask you this.  What do you know about acting? What do you know about the technicalities of acting? What do actors do for a living, Hmm?  If I have to answer that question for you, then it’s quite possible that you are far too stupid to be reading this blog.

“Yes, but he said he’s a Vatican Assassin Warlock”. Hmmm. Right, and that means? Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I have a rather sick and twisted sense of humour.  I have claimed to be an ‘ant’ a ‘small frog’ and have the ability to wipe out entire Continents with the glow from my eyes, alone, among other things. Does that mean I’m fucking nuts? No. Has anyone said “Oh shit, she’s not well” in response to my more ‘out there’ humorous comments? No, they have not.  Would they say that if I was world famous? Sadly, quite probably.

In among comments about being a ‘Warlock’ there are also a great many comments he has made that make a lot of sense. I’m going to paraphrase here but these three come to mind immediately “‘It is what it is’ is a defeatist saying. It means you accept whatever bullshit situation you find yourself in and decide to remain powerless to change that situation”.  I agree. Entirely.  “‘I give you my word’ which means I give you nothing”. I agree with that, too. Brilliantly said!  And this one is straight off ‘Twitter’: “Ready for my next fastball world? PLAN BETTER Applies to everything where an excuse now sits. Try it. U wont be wrong. Ever…”.  Again, that is a very succinct observation.  So, to claim that nothing he is saying right now makes any sense, is to remain deliberately ignorant and hold fast to your dreams that you are ‘watching a train wreck, please, oh please?!’.

There is also a lot of talk about his problems with drug and alcohol abuse. Persons are claiming that this is what happens to people who do hard drugs. True. It does happen. It happens all the time.  There is no argument that amphetamines and alcohol (for example) will fuck with your brain chemistry. I won’t deny that, myself. However, drug abuse is always far more complicated than the drug, itself.  In order to go into any real detail about the intricacies, motivations, and technicalities of drug abuse I would need to turn this post into a dissertation. Instead, I will say this. Do the research, yourself, and you will find a plethora of information about the underlying reasons why some people abuse drugs, while others do not. Educate yourselves instead of spending all that time ‘watching a train wreck, thanks’!

The latest piece of information to hit the internet has been fueled by Dr Phil, of all people, who has stated, quite clearly, that his diagnosis is unofficial. “Charlie Sheen is Manic”. If a psychiatrist has declined to officially diagnose him, what are you doing by making that diagnosis, yourself?

Those of you out there making judgments, snap diagnoses, and derogatory comments had best take a look at yourselves, and your own lives first. Some people are behaving as if they had never done or said a ‘bad thing’ in their lives. Granted, some of you cannot claim to have done or said what Charlie Sheen has done or said, either, but are you entirely innocent and blameless of any wrongdoing…ever?

Now, let’s entertain the idea that these ‘rumours’ are all true; that Charlie Sheen is seriously ill. Since when did the repercussions of drug abuse and mental illness become funny? Since when did these things become entertaining? There is nothing funny or entertaining about either of those conditions, and those who find such things funny or entertaining certainly have a different perspective than I have!

And so, what is my stance on ‘The Charlie Sheen Situation’? I am intrigued by why so many humans are fascinated with this man right now.  I am simply amazed at the amount of attention this topic is receiving! As for my ‘take’ on Charlie Sheen, himself? In all honesty, I don’t know.  I am not in a position to know.  I cannot know for sure…and neither can you!


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