Helping Japan: Part Two.


EDITED 15/01/2012: Please note that all of the artwork pictured here has been stolen.  I am leaving this post here as a reminder of something that I did try to do to help others.  Unfortunately, the despicable acts of two thieves also robbed others of the chance to help those who lost much more than I did.


Well, as stated in an earlier Blog entry, I have decided to sell the following works of art and will donate 30% of the purchase price for each piece to the Red Cross, in order to help Japan.  Prices vary. All artwork is acrylic on stretched canvas. Larger images can be seen under their individual titles in the “Mistress Savannah’s Artwork” section.  Please contact me for pricing details.

Protectress (c) 2011 Mistress Savannah

Patience. (c) 2011 Mistress Savannah.

Terminal. (c) 2011 Mistress Savannah.

Sugar money, Honey (c) 2011 Mistress Savannah

Sable’s Vanity (c) 2011 Mistress Savannah.

Self Portrait (c) 2010 Mistress Savannah.

Waterlily (c) 2010 Mistress Savannah.



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2 responses to “Helping Japan: Part Two.

  1. Neferteri

    I see that you've supported Japan before. Will you do it again. Will you ar someone in your circle host a high school exchange student from Japan?

    • S.

      I am unable to do so right now, as I am travelling, but I will leave your comment up so that others who read my Blog can see it, and may be able to help!

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