A Kink in the Chain.

I thought about the comments that my son left on my previous Blog entry.  I was outside as I thought, watching squirrels chase each other up and down trees; something that is still a novelty to a woman more used to deadly creatures than anything with a cute, fluffy tail!

I am unrecognisable right now, in blue jeans of all things, wearing two casual black tops, with a woolen scarf tossed around my neck to ward off an unfamiliar chill.  My ready laugh is silent.  My smiles are fleeting; more like afterthoughts than genuine expressions of joy. My sense of humour has disappeared.  I appear miserable, silent, and bored. I am actually in serious thought, because I am in a very serious situation, and to make light of such a thing is not in my nature to do.

I am unrecognisable for a reason right now. There is a significant reason for my serious mood at present. But my internal thought processes are my own to share or not as I see fit and, if my current ‘appearance’ and mood is misunderstood or misinterpreted, then I am not about to correct anyone’s assumptions about why this may be…

Because I realise now that I have not forgotten who I am.  I thought I had, until my son’s words traveled the electronic highways and made their way into my mind and heart.

Thanks, Jess’.  You rock!


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