Thank You.

It is only appropriate that the first post in my ‘The American Diaries’ Category consists of a soul-deep thank you to some very special people.

The details behind why I am saying these thank yous are private.  Suffice to say, I found myself in a serious situation while I was away and, were it not for the kindness and generosity of members of an online community that I frequent, my situation would have been much more dire than it was.

So, thank you to the members of FetLife for coming to my aid when I needed it most.  Your assistance made such a huge amount of difference to the circumstances I was in that the words ‘thank you’ are too insignificant to use to describe the way I feel about what you did for me.  I will never forget how you  helped me, and I am deeply grateful to you all for your assistance.

I also have a special thank you for VampyreDemon and her Kin. You know why, and ‘Thank You’.

Then, there is a large thank you owed to raynaAnna and Avalon Blackrose who are the stuff of legends and instigators that enable dreams to come true. Thank you for your very existence, your assistance, generosity, your hospitality, and your love and support.

And last, but far from least, thank you Lucifer Lazerus for more reasons than I will ever share here with the world.


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One response to “Thank You.

  1. VampyreDemon

    *hugs* Darlin’ Kindred, you are most welcome!!! You know you can call on me when you need help and I will do what I can, within my powers and abilities, no matter where you are in this world!

    I am glad you are home safely! Next trip we catch up! Even if I have to come to you! 😛 lol

    xoxox I am here when and if you need me!

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