As I lay on my bed-covers with frozen memories clicking through my mind like snap-shot photos; faces, names, places, times…the pain seeped from me in great gulping sobs.

“Why?!” I cried, “WHY have I never been good enough?”

And he came to me; all long black hair and dark feathers, with a beauty so stunning it is hard to look upon for long. And he held my tear drenched eyes in his ageless gaze, while his perfect white fingers gently stroked the tears from my face.

And he said “Your problem, Savannah, is that you have never known how beautiful and special you really are”.

My eyes widened in shock as the moment of utter clarity hit. He was right. Utterly.

He always is. 

It is one of the many reasons I love him so. He cannot lie.  

“And you know what my brother thinks, too”, he added, as those beautiful lips twitched in a smile. “Brother”, he called. And his twin; all long silver white hair and white feathers, with a beauty so stunning it is hard to look upon for long, stopped in his work long enough to grin at me until it hurt to look, although I could not help but return his smile because I love him so.

“Beloved” he whispered.

“Yes” said he of the black hair, as he leaned in closer.

“Beloved, be loved … because you are”.

That’s Angels for you. They always amaze me!

And I know what they meant. It’s not what you think. This is no post about ‘God’s love’. I am no Christian. Neither are they.  It’s just yet another thing that so many of you sheeple out there get so very, very wrong!


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