And He Said…

And he of the long black hair, with the heart-stopping beauty said

“…and while you’re at it, tell him to stop using my name!”

And I looked at him and I said “Ok. We know he has no right to it. He never knew you.  He got it wrong, like so many of them do.”

“You think?”, He said with that dry wit, as he smiled at me.

“Um, yeah”, I replied with that same dry wit, as I returned his grin.

“Well, go on then. You know it’s long over due…”

And it is.

Stop using his name! You have no right to it and you never did.

No one does, if I am honest.

So many get it so wrong.

“Oh!” I said as I looked at him again, “It’s…”

“You can stop now, sweetheart”, he said “Lest you write a rant that spans decades”.  And he is right, because I could, and we laughed together before he said, “It’s ok. It’s out there now, and that’s all I wanted him to know…”

“But I could have written it in a letter instead of on my Blog”, I said. “Yes, you could have”, he said gently, “but look at what happened the last time you tried that!”.

“Oh yeah”, I replied, as I rolled my eyes at the memory, and shook my head. “Good point”.

And then he of the long silver white hair and heart-stopping beauty came in and said “What are you doing??!…Oh. I see. Yes! Hit that ‘publish’ button!”. And we grinned at each other.



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One response to “And He Said…

  1. Marie A Schappacher

    Geeeezzzzzzz I reallllllly have to this….. Since we have been friends for so very long and since I do care so deeply for dear sister My dear friend with the deep blue eyes and long black hair…..Had it been me…and in light of certain events… Why did’nt you just “BITCH SLAP” Him and be done with it???…… SHHHEEEEESSSSHHHHHH BTW let me let me….. I will use a two by four or better yet a four by four…….

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