You were right.

I tried.  I tried harder than you could ever comprehend.  But, in the end my motives changed. My reasons for staying were no longer rooted in deep friendship and unshakeable loyalty.  What is the point of staying now simply to prove a point? That I would not be the first to leave…What is the point of being there when I am unable to forgive the atrocious way I was treated? What is the point in remaining there when I did not deserve what you dished out, and remorse is not even on the agenda? “I am really sorry that you feel that way, let me know how that works for you”.

You had one regret and I was not it.

And now? Now that I am filled with a crystal clear knowledge of my own worth, I cannot tarnish it with hypocrisy.  I love myself too much for that.

Some people say things just to hear themselves talk;  their words have no meaning and are just empty air.

Others stand back and watch.

And then there are those who say what they mean and do what they say. Such people are far and few between but they know the real meaning of personal integrity. Their words are never hollow.  They are the trustworthy ones.

I am utterly blessed to have found the latter and count myself amongst them.

It may seem hypocritical to go back on MY word now but I have learned to save that word for those who are worthy.

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.


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