UBER Awesome!!!!

Well, what can I say? This trip to the US has been so much better than my last one that it is not even in the same Universe. So many laughs, so much love, so many incredible experiences, so many wonderful real new friends, such beauty

All of it. All of it; from the beautiful new rings on my fingers to the dancing ethereal beauty of fireflies at dusk. Chipmunks, groundhogs, a sneaky raccoon that stole the chocolate.  Black and Silver hair in the Moonlight and the Sunlight; so gorgeous it steals the breath!  The accidental suntan, the primal drumbeats that summon us all to yet another nightly party at Pennsic…The Viking Ship, the crisp cold air of morning. The INCREDIBLE Thunderstorms!!!

The freedom to be ME.

No pain. No cruelty. No silence. Just love and a childlike joy as my laugh tinkles in pure happiness at yet another new wonder discovered each and every day.

Even the wasp that stung me…and paid the ultimate price…was beautiful in its own way.

The trip in the front seat of an ambulance as I rode to a US hospital to help the (not badly) injured on the gurney in the back, while I wondered if the hospitals would be the same. Laughing at my own stupidity when I discovered that they were.

The difficulties with my accent and my laugh as I had to spell words out phonetically…’T’ for ‘Tom’, ‘O’ for ‘Orange’.

Friendship, joy, happiness, love.


at last!


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One response to “UBER Awesome!!!!

  1. rica

    Well it’s about freakin’ time!!!! Now, get yourself settled in good and proper, and then start planning for a trip to the Pacific NW and CA!

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