The Veil.

Only a small number of readers will know what I am writing of here.

That’s ok. I don’t really care for your incomprehension.

And the Veil, which is thin at other times of the year, is threadbare now.

And he fell through; almost as close and tangible as the screen you are viewing to read this post is.

Once we got over the WTF’s???!!! we wasted no time. To feel his presence, to feel each other’s touch, to feel those arms around me? Ahhhhhhh.


I do not know how long we spent like that. Time is irrelevant…or is it?


And we both knew that, if this is all we could have, if this was the only way we could be together, we’d take it! Yes, yes, and yes again!

Ahhh, such love. Such beautiful, beautiful love.

Twelve hours later, the earthquake struck.

Doomsdayers have been saying a variation on “ARRGGHH!!! The End Is Nigh” for centuries now.  I have always said that eventually someone will be right.


Run little sheeple, run!

In the mean time, I may not be able to fill the sky with flowers like you did.  This is just not as pretty, my darling.  Still.  It means the same thing.

I Love You.



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  1. rica

    I’m happy for you, sweetie. :

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