Comet Elenin: Seriously People?

Earlier on today I wrote a Blog post about Comet Elenin. Well, sort of. Now, imagine my utter dismay when I was just wandering around back here behind the font you are currently reading and noticed that the hits on my blog had soared to astronomical heights (yes, that pun was intended)

In the four hours that the post in question had been published and available to read, I have had more visitors to this little corner of the interwebz than I know what to do with!

I am currently wondering what to do with my growing hours of fame. As a result, I have decided to write yet another blog post about it because it has become extremely obvious to me that people are desperate for any and all information that they can get on the topic of Elenin.

I wish I could provide the hidden secrets behind the comet’s nature and intentions.  I wish I could tell you all “Look. I spoke to the thing, and it said it is going to…”  I could talk about prophecy, science, human nature, aliens, conspiracy, politics, and Doomsday but, well, then this entry would be exactly the same as at least one million other posts you have read in search of answers so far and I do try to be a little more original than that.

So, instead, this is what I will say to you.

What are you doing? Seriously? What are you doing? You have just found this blog post, the world may or may not end when a comet may, or may not, slam into the Earth and you are spending precious time looking for answers to something that is beyond your control. Go out. Take a walk. Spend time with your loved ones. Stock up on supplies and ammunition. Dig a huge hole, anything, something more worthwhile than spending time searching for answers that are not forthcoming; for whatever reason that may be.

I understand that, in lieu of any real news coverage on comet Elenin, you have been forced to look at blog posts that you would probably never have entertained reading before now.  That’s fine by me. You’re welcome to come back another day.  But, take a look at what you are doing right now (apart from sending the stats on this blog into some mind-bending numbers)

And remember this: Comets and other objects in the sky are always a potential threat to life here on Earth. The Earth is at risk from impact from comets, asteroids, and the like on a daily basis. Such potential danger is not limited to objects that have been given fancy names and happen to have attracted people’s attention.  Bear in mind that, while you are desperately searching for information on Elenin some less famous object from space could sneak through the back door and slam you into oblivion unnoticed.

At times like this people seem to realise that time is precious; that there is a great deal left to do, and that they are not ready to die just yet. Others hope for catastrophic disaster because they are frustrated, sick of their mundane and stagnant lives and perhaps, just perhaps, a catastrophe will be enough of an excuse not to have to write that business report, or do the mound of dishes that have piled up in the sink.

Well, it is time for some perspective because, guess what? Every day is precious and every day could signal the end of your existence on this planet. Remember that and live accordingly.

In the time it has taken you to read this post, you could have spent time with a loved one, worked out, started on those dishes, or worked on your own life.

The End comes for all of us eventually and, knowing when and how is not going to change that simple fact…

Excuse me…


I just got off the phone to Elenin.  It wants you all to know that you should step away from the computer now and no one will get hurt. It is feeling rather distressed by all the attention it is receiving and is close to booking itself into a ‘facility’ because it can’t handle all the pressures of fame. As it said to me, and I quote: “I have no privacy anymore! Why??!  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME???!!!  UGH! I can’t stand it! I was just doing my own thing, you know?  And some of the things people have said about me are too cruel to bear. The rumours. The accusations! OH!  WAILY WAILY OH!”

Yep. Time to step away from the keyboard!  Perhaps you really should too you know? wink


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