“I Told You So”.

If I had even 50 cents for every time I could have used that phrase when yet another moron thought my words were ‘suggestions’, downright wrong, or not applicable to them, I would be independently wealthy now.  In fact, I would have been wealthy years ago when I think on it now.

Like it or not, I know things.  Don’t ask “How?!!”.  Hold on. What am I saying? Ask. Oh please ask? You won’t believe me anyway and it will give me yet another chance to start saying “I told you so”. If I do this right, I will have an incredibly healthy ‘bottom line’ in no time.

“But, Mistress Savannah, what if the global economy collapses completely and money becomes worthless?”  You mean it isn’t already? Ok. That’s fine.  I’ll take payment in blood, or pretty gemstones, or whatever takes my fancy at the time.

I have some rather fresh examples that come to mind when I think on this topic but I will be keeping them obscure to protect the guilty. See? I do have some semblance of a heart left within me. Most of you wouldn’t recognise this. Even more of you would not care if you tried.

“You already know, don’t you?”


“I have to … and XYZ will…”.

“I know”.

I stated, quite clearly, what had already been done. I was wrong. Apparently. I had not done it. I could not possibly have done it.  In fact, I got a response that was part ‘punch-to-the-gut’ and part ‘patronising-pat-on-the-head’ when that little gem came out.  Oh dear. Could it be because I say what I mean, and do what I say? (insert disbelief here) Ka-CHING!!

Oh well.

Too bad, so sad. I don’t say things because I am after the kudos (insert disbelief here) Ka-CHING!!

I don’t say things because I like the sound of my voice (insert disbelief here) Ka-CHING!!

There have been times when I have said things, knowing full well that I would be ridiculed for my words (insert disbelief here) Ka-CHING!!

As I am not an idiot (insert disbelief here) Ka-CHING!! or into receiving humiliation (insert disbelief here) Ka-CHING!! what possible reason could I have for saying something is so when I make such statements?

But consequence always follows action and there are no ‘free passes’. What is done with what is given is not up to me to decide, although I do know the outcome of any given choice (insert disbelief here) Ka-CHING!!

“You can have no conceivable idea of who and what you are fucking with” (insert disbelief here) KA-CHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I told you so”.



Filed under Observations on Life and the Universe as I See it., Rants; or 'That Which Pisses Me Off Mightily'!

2 responses to ““I Told You So”.

  1. Marie A Schappacher

    I have said it once and I will say it again and I MEANT IT when I SAID it that First Time and I Mean it NOW………
    so for those slow sorts of folks……….
    If these shoes fit you Walk a mile in them and let me know how it is working FOR YOU!!!

    • S.

      Ya know Rayne, I was GOING to say…I was GOING to add the fact that…I was….ahfuck here we go again…MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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