Comet Elenin: Part, the Third.

Sigh. Yes, that’s right: sigh. I am experiencing a small amount of ‘performance anxiety’ given the number of visitors who have come to view my Blog recently.  All of them have been in search of answers or information about this comet and I have had nothing much to offer except some well-intentioned advice and perspective on the situation. Given that I am an artist as well as a writer, I think I know what the subject of my next painting will be.

I think I have heard it all now.  My suspicions about the ‘lunatic fringe’ were validated completely when the tired old news about the ‘Illuminati’ were thrown into the Elenin recipe in order to attempt to make the next batch of ‘biscuits’ fill the packet. And now ‘The Draco’ are intent on destroying humanity, the ‘top half’ of human DNA is reptilian in construction, and England’s Queen (who is completely reptilian, apparently) is working alongside other reptiles to overthrow the alien experiment that is the human race. I wonder if Queen Elizabeth II knows this? It may have come as a bit of a shock to the Lady. I note The Palace has not issued any comments about Her Majesty’s current mental health at this time so we, dear reader, are no wiser on that matter at the time of writing.

So, how much longer must we endure this Elenin Phenomenon before it goes the way of some of Nostradamus’s more bizarre predictions? How many ways do we need to fold US currency to make the image look like Elenin destroying the Earth? And why are the conspiracy theorists taking this topic and running so far with it that they have gone way past the finish line and are currently sprinting straight into the ‘Void of Total Insanity’ (VOTI for short)?

Why do you care? Really. I would like to know so, how about at least one or two of you do me a favour and leave a comment on this Blog post? I would really like to know what concerns brought you here, and why this topic matters to you so much. I am not interested in collecting your email address, or looking for evidence of reptilian DNA in your brain matter. I would just really, really like to know why you care.

One thing that has been missing from my earlier Blog posts about this comet is my own perspective on the nature of Elenin.  How about I share that with you now?

Do I think it is a comet? Yes.

Do I think it is going to cause ‘the destruction of the world as we know it’? No.

Do I think some alien species is controlling our minds through fear? No.  Humans are doing just fine on their own right now!

Do I think there will be a lot of disappointed people when Elenin does ‘nothing much at all, really’? Yes.

If, and this is a ginormous ‘if’, I am wrong and the world’s survivors start looking like something out of a ‘Mad Max’ movie by the end of the month, does this concern me? No.  It doesn’t.

Why?  Because, seemingly contrary to the opinion of a large proportion of the world’s populace, I know there is nothing I can do about it if it happens.  I know my time on this planet is finite. I would prefer to spend time concentrating on issues within my ability to control. Comet Elenin is not one of those things.


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One response to “Comet Elenin: Part, the Third.

  1. Marie A Schappacher

    Holy cow you forgot about the other ermmmmm reptile People……Hilliary Clinton… and Darth ( ooooppppssss Former Vice President ) Dick Cheney Wait a minute the jury might just be out out on Mr. Cheney…. I could Actually see that……
    As for the World Ending …….(Awwwww shit……) Wrong Button I thought I was turning the Alarm Off…. Sorrryyyyyy………
    We are doing damn good at screwing ourselves and the rest of the planet up……… If the world does reset… Maybe some how some way Sometime, Somebody Will EVENTUALLY GET IT RIGHT……

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