I Make a Nice Roast…

My brother wrote yesterday. Now it’s my turn.  Mistress is very kind.  Oh dear. Has that played with your reputation, Mistress? Sorry. Really.  I can sit here and laugh now. You may not know me, but my laugh precedes me.  It is refreshing to write now, knowing that you have all become so blind that you have no fucking idea who we are.  It is joyous.  Oh.  Yes, I know my voice does not translate well into the written word. Oh well.  We can’t have it all now, can we?  They’d know my voice anywhere.  Well, those that know me would, anyway.

So, shall I drive this bus off the cliff, just to see what happens when it hits the ground?  Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh what fun.

Well, listen up people.  I can bring you madness, or I can bring you clarity.  Utter madness.  Utter clarity.  The choice is yours.  Oops.  I may have given some of you a bit of a clue.  I can do that, you know?  Meat hooks or swords?  You choose.  Oh dear.  There’s another clue.  Well, it’s a clue for those of you who got the clarity you earned when you saw the light my brother shed.  Those of you who met the meat hooks are hardly likely to be reading these words now.  Then again, stranger things have happened.

We are not as we seem.  We never have been.  ‘Nice, quiet, and safe’ can be found down the hallway to your left.  I don’t reside there.  I have visited now and then, just to see what your delusions are doing in that room.  Some of them are quite interesting.  Most of them are officially routine.  Can I yawn now? Not that I need your permission or anything.  I was just trying to be polite.  I can do that, too, if I want.

So, why do most of you throw yourselves through several layers of concrete walls, in order to get out of my way?  Are we getting a clue yet? Nope.

But I really don’t do anything that you don’t want me to do.  Not really.  I know it may seem harsh but I am in the business of delivering what you asked for whether you knew it or not.  I’m just doing my job.  It’s nothing personal you know.  Not really.  I don’t know why that scares so many of you. Well, actually, I do, but, unless you want me to sign this post with my name, it’s probably best you remain ignorant of my identity right now.

Ohhh, I can hear the priestesses scream “It’s him!  It’s HIM”…as if I am some kind of Sex God. Well, my wife thinks I’m pretty.

I have no real purpose in writing this post, other than that I asked, I wanted to, and I am enjoying myself.  I’m not about to give you any answers. That’s not in my job description.  The answers are yours to find.  I simply deliver the consequences of those answers.

Some knowledge can be too hard to bear.  Little minds need not apply.  Besides, I like my work and little minds are worked over so very quickly that it is hardly work at all.  And I am a bit of a workaholic, so I have been told.

You think I’m my brother, don’t you?  Oh fuck that’s funny.

Really, I think that all I wanted to do right now was say “Hi”.  Shall I wave, too? Yep. I’m waving.  “Hiiiii”.


Scared yet?

Yes it’s me. No I’m not signing this post.  It would be too easy.

I’m revving the bus.  Time to see what it does.

You’re all fucked NOW.

Oh.  Hold on.  Maybe that’s just me?

Which pedal is the accelerator again?  If I shut my eyes I could always guess.

Only joking.


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