Dangerous Minds.

I have a saying: “When you rely on the delusions of others you are bound to fail.  When you rely on your own you have at least a seventy-five percent chance of success”.

With 2012 looming closer every day I have seen an increase in the number of, how can I put this gently? Complete fucking lunatics coming out to play every day!

It is as if that particular year now stands for “I have always wanted to be a complete Nutter and looky here! Here’s my chance at last!”

Just when one thinks the conspiracy theorists can’t get any more creative another one comes along and takes first place in the ‘Guinness Book of Records for Total Nut Jobs’ (Yes, it is a lesser known version of the original text).

These ‘theories’, a term I am using very loosely here, would be hysterically funny if it was not for the fact that even sane persons are starting to wonder if there is something to this whole 2012 thing after all.

I would just like to take a moment to remind you all of what can happen when you start to think that whack-jobs make sense.  Here is a short list of examples for you.  If you don’t know what any of these groups stood for, or what happened to those who believed the mentally deranged individuals who led these sects, do your brain a favour and educate yourself before it turns to complete mush.  I have chosen to stick with contemporary examples, although such examples stretch back to ancient times.  Here you go:

Adolph Hitler.

The Manson Family.



Heaven’s Gate.

The Rapture (Harold Camping version).

I could include any number of examples but that list should get you started.

Those persons who were not affected by the cults I have listed have all scratched their heads and wondered how completely sane people could have fallen for such dross. Others have assumed that the members of these groups must have been unwell to begin with.  Wrong.  Cult Leaders are highly charismatic and, what is worse, most of them honestly believe that they are right. Charisma plus an unshakeable belief that someone has found the answers is a heady mix.

All of the examples that I have given here have resulted in the deaths of countless people.  Each one of those examples did not lead to ‘scone making and lessons in knitting’.  People died.  In some cases, a large number of people died.

Think long and hard people.  Really.  If you think that death, loss, and brainwashing will not result from the latest string of conspiracy theorists touting their opinions on what will happen in 2012, think again.

Did you type ‘2012’ into a search engine to get to this blog post? If so, you may be more affected by this latest fad than you think.

Please use your brain?  “But, Mistress Savannah, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….” Please. Spare me!  Are you one of those people who think that statistics don’t lie?  I spent some time at University playing with statistics.  I know how easily they can be manipulated.  Here’s a hint for you; if you want to prove that something is true, gather evidence.  Any evidence that does not fit with what you are trying to prove should be written off as an anomaly and ignored or discredited.  It won’t help you prove what you are trying to prove so get rid of it. NOW! Yesterday, even.

Looking at all the evidence, even the evidence that is likely to blow your theory right out of the water, is the only way to study something objectively.  Even then it is difficult, because humanity’s perceptions are always coloured by the ideologies inherent in their particular cultures.

If you are having difficulty understanding this let me give you a recent working example of how such thinking can be coloured and adapted to suit what you are trying to prove:

Comet Elenin.  Yes. I know.  I am speaking of the damned thing again and, yes, I am rolling my eyes on this side of the monitor!

When the comet first presented itself people were curious. Some then went about their daily business while others decided there was something dangerous about the thing.  Now, once it was determined that it was not likely to cause any significant danger to the Earth, some complete morons decided to go hunting for further evidence that it was dangerous.  I am all for scientific enquiry but once these people could find no real reason to back up their theory that the comet was an ‘Extinction Level Event’ they reached out and grabbed for an alternative scenario. Most of them were no longer interested in looking for evidence that would reassure them. Oh no.  They needed a reason for this comet to herald the end of the world and, damn it, they would find that evidence (or create it if it wasn’t there)  Enter an addition to the Elenin theory: The Governments of the world were all in cahoots to make it look like the comet was dangerous. Said governments were going to use Haarp technology (most people had no idea what Haarp technology was until Comet Elenin dared enter our mass consciousness) to create massive weather changes, and ‘unnatural disasters’ and bring about ‘the end of the world as we know it’.

Well, that hasn’t happened yet.

Just sayin’….

The more ‘determined’ conspiracy theorists used the earthquake in New York as a further example of how Elenin was being used as a massive Government scapegoat to herald a new world order.  I saw seismograph images on various conspiracy websites ‘revealing’ how the Earthquake in New York was actually an underground nuclear detonation.  Images such as this one: http://www.economicsandethics.org/2011/08/the-great-shake-of-2011.html were pasted on conspiracy theorists’ websites, often with no academic references to the sites the images had come from, as if the photo itself proved all that there was to prove. The ‘argument’ was that there were no ‘P’ waves (‘Primary’ waves that occur when an Earthquake occurs as a natural result of the movement of a fault line) on the  image and, as a result, because nuclear bombs create no ‘P’ waves it was obviously a nuclear explosion. Now, before I go any further, I would like to stress that the site I have just linked to was a random one.  I just went searching for images of the graph in question.  In other words, I ‘Googled’ images. However, like the researcher I am, I also found the following example of a seismograph image of the same earthquake, taken from another random webpage: http://www.rn-t.com/view/full_story/15188154/article-Update–Quake-rocks-Washington-area–recorded-at-Tellus?instance=home_Most_popular

The two images look quite different, don’t they?  Of course, the conspiracy theorists will have already determined that the media can’t be trusted, and no one will really know which image is ‘correct’, so they will opt for the one that most suits their theories and run with it.  I would also like to mention that, at this juncture, that conspiracy theory websites went in search of examples of seismograph readings for past nuclear detonations, not images of graphs showing distinct ‘P’ wave activity on seismographs from the same earthquake found elsewhere.

There’s not a lot I can do about that but I do hope that I have managed to get my point across here? Look at all the evidence, especially evidence that conflicts with what you wish to prove.  Do it properly because, if you don’t, you are simply building an academic house of cards that can be debated with ease no matter how much you wish it were otherwise.  I guess you could always close your eyes, click your ruby slippers together three times and chant “There’s no place like home”.


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