The Devolution of the Human Species.

“Oh how the mighty have fallen”.  There was a time when that cliché meant something.  Most have forgotten the origins of this saying.  I have not.  The words are now far more relevant than most, particularly in their butchered form, simply because such words can now be applied to the majority of humanity without needing to stretch the mental neurons far in order to reach an understanding of their significance.

You had it all.  You had so very much that was squandered.  A search for survival was simply replaced with a search for instant gratification and a desire to have it all when you want it, how you want it, and for no other reason than that you must have it.  Such a mindset does not require much in the way of thinking.  It is simply a means to an end with no forethought for what you are doing.  It requires no genuine thought at all.

Humanity’s survival instincts have been twisted and corrupted to suit self-centred ends.  What was once an instinct to kill for food as efficiently as possible has turned into an instinct to grab all you can and refuse to share. Most of you would be hard pressed to survive for a day without your cell phones.  Digital dexterity was never meant for texting drivel to your friends when you have nothing of import to say. The fingers you use to create mischief with were once used to create warmth, build shelters, and care for your young.

Evolution is one of the Cosmos’s last big jokes and you are the butt of that joke. Devolution would be closer to the mark, but most don’t grasp that concept given that it interferes with more pressing concerns like “I simply must have those shoes. Marla will be so jealous when she sees them!” Or, “I have to get rid of that coat. It is so last season”.  Seasons used to have a different significance.  Here’s a hint.  The only resemblance to ‘fashion’ they once had was a life or death decision about whether it was necessary to wear ‘bearskin’ or a ‘loin cloth’.  Accessories were limited to a choice between ‘a spear’ or ‘a basket’.

The following resources were required in order to survive:

Air, water, warmth, cold, shelter, food, and mating in order to ensure the species evaded extinction.

So, will someone please tell me how all but one of those necessities has become so low on your list of priorities that you have decided they are less important than your pursuit of material gain, at any cost and at every cost?

Most of you would expire if you tried to breathe the kind of air available eons ago. It contains far too much oxygen for your ‘evolved’ lungs to process. It would render you unconscious in seconds.  Air appears to have become ‘optional’.  It would be more accurate to describe it as ‘toxic gas’ than oxygen in this modern world.

Finding the only source of pure water now involves chemical processes and natural plunder and is brought to you in a bottle; processed by a conglomerate of persons who will achieve material gain the moment they sell it to you. Fish with extra appendages and a sickly green tinge to their scales costs extra dontcha know?

Warmth and cooling can be purchased at an extraordinary cost to both the Earth, itself, and your wallet.  Fire is for arsonists, rioters, and those who fell asleep with lit cigarettes in their hands.

Shelter is incredibly versatile these days.  Inbuilt spas, home theatres, and huge expanses of concrete serve a purpose I am still rather unfamiliar with.  However, they must be important somehow or so many of you would not include them in your building plans now, would you? Hmm?

Food comes in many pretty packages and may contain actual sustenance. But humanity is so creative isn’t it? The labels on these packets should read “May contain traces of food” instead of the printed lists of staggering names for staggering chemicals that combine together in a laboratory to resemble something that may be edible now but would have killed your ancestors the moment they took their first bite.

Mating continues with overabundant zeal. Well, some things are fun, aren’t they? However, the last time I looked, mating with a goat, a sheep, a dog, or a young child did not produce viable offspring. Nor was it done to produce little humans whose sole reason for existing was to ensure you kept your welfare benefits.

Oh. “I see stupid people… Walking around like regular people. They don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re stupid”.

I see it every single day.


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  1. Dean Mudenda

    I found your article very interesting. I stumbled onto your submission while searching for the title: The Devolution of the Species. That was the subject of my own treatise posted on 12th October 2011. My angle was completely different, focusing more on the spiritual than the mundane. Indeed! “How are the mighty fallen!”

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