It’s Rayning.

These days, the things that I see make me feel two very different ways.  Sometimes I want to just hang my head and cry.  Then there are those days when I want to howl and scream in impotent rage.

You have been given so very much and think so very little of it.  You squander it away or, worse, despoil, rape, and leave it in ruins and destroy the life upon it. In your minds, ‘life’, and ‘lives’ are not as meaningful as your own.  Your mindless arrogance sickens me, just so you know.

You are so wrapped up in “I, me, mine” and the crush and whirl of Humanity: the biggest house, the fastest car, the best electronics. You want it all and you believe you must have it all to be content. You have it made! Top of the Heap! “I have mine. Get yours!” and you teach your children this. How can you?

There you are and, all of a sudden, so am I.  And for all of your money, cars, houses and gadgets, nothing changes.  I won’t be bought, dissuaded, put off, or undone.  If you’re lucky, it wont take long.  If you’re not so lucky you’ll have plenty of time hooked up to a myriad machines in the ‘Eternal Care Unit’ to contemplate all the “what if’s”, “should have’s” and “could have’s”.

When was the last time you told the people in your life how much you care for them and how much they mean to you?  When was the last time you performed a small act of kindness for someone else with no thought for yourself?

Take the time to let the people you love know that you do love them.  Take the time to think about somebody other than yourself.

“My gaze is long and I can see for miles and miles. I was here before you came, and I will be here long after you have gone”.


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