Ignorance? Misunderstanding? Malice? Stupidity? All of the Above?

I get a lot of traffic on this Blog and, among all that traffic I also get a lot of comments. Among the usual plethora of spam that gathers dust in my Akismet folder is the occasional comment that  just does not get published. Some comments are too personal. Others contain too much identifying information about the poster, and their privacy is of more concern to me than publishing their comments is. And then?  Well then there was the following comment which is about to get a blog post all its own!

This is the comment, in its entirety, written by someone calling themselves ‘GTH’ (which can be arranged, btw):

“Oh, aren’t you a sadist??? Where is all that bullshit now??? If you’re a sadist you might have really enjoyed the slow death of thousands in that building and their families sorrow must be really sweet for a sadist…like you”.

Now, before we just write ‘GTH’ off as ‘yet another moron on the interwebz’ let’s look at a common misperception about Sadists.  To the ‘uninitiated’ many people buy into the perception that the word ‘Sadist’  is just an alternative term for ‘sociopath’.  This misperception is fostered by a plethora of films and texts about sadistic serial killers who torture their victims to death in an orgiastic delight of blood, intestines, and screaming tears. It is also strengthened by factual examples of murderers who just so happened to torture their victims to death in incredibly brutal and utterly cruel ways.  These sociopaths just so happened to kill in a sadistic way. Does that make them Sadists? No. It makes them sociopaths.

Sadists, in a BDSM context, are not renowned for torturing their play partners to death.  Sadism and masochism, within the realms of BDSM, is a dynamic based on mutual agreement, a great deal of trust, and is something that occurs between consenting adults.  Please note the word ‘consenting’?  It is a vitally important word. Sadists enjoy inflicting pain on their willing (quite often willingly begging) masochists.  They don’t tend to enjoy killing them.  A good masochist is hard to find.  Killing them is not only illegal and morally reprehensible, it is also a waste of a damned fine individual who enjoys the play as much as the Sadist does!  😉

Contrary to many of the myths surrounding Sadists, we have emotions, concern, and genuine care for our loved ones just as much as the next non-Sadist does.  Most Sadists I know, myself included, are incredibly health conscious, have advanced training in First Aid, are responsible people with morals and intelligence, and enjoy a nice cuddle as much as we enjoy giving someone a damned good beating!  Context, people! Context.  Just because a Sadist enjoys inflicting pain under a specific set of conditions does not mean they are going to enjoy the suffering of others no matter what the circumstances, by default.

In contrast,  sociopathic killers are not interested in consent.  They are not interested in morals, the law, other individuals, or responsibility. The extent of their interest in ‘trust’ no doubt extends about as far as “how can I get him or her to trust me enough to get into this windowless van? And, if not? What is plan B?” at best!  If you educate yourselves about the distinctions between Sadism as it applies to BDSM and Sadism as it applies to sociopathology you will note a very significant difference between the two states of mind.

But GTH did not appear to be all that interested in making the distinction between a person who has fully functioning emotions, is a veteran member of the BDSM Community with over 25 years of experience under her studded belt and who just happens to enjoy hurting willing partners, as opposed to someone with a pathological personality disorder who is a danger to other human beings and would be hard pressed to know what an emotion was, let alone how to elicit the correct emotional response to any given stimuli.

Which leads me to think that ‘GTH’ is not only ignorant, but was more interested in malice and stupidity than much else.

“But how can you know that, Mistress Savannah?”  I don’t.  But I can make an educated guess.  For a start, the comment was attached to a post of mine that had absolutely nothing to do with “…the slow death of thousands in that building…”  Combine that with a general lack of knowledge about how the internet works. Anonymity is not so anonymous you know?  Hmmmm, let’s see:

Pathetic ‘throw away’ email address youworthshit@*****.*** logged: Check.

IP address. Static. Logged: Check.

Location: Let’s just call it Madison Wisconsin. Latitude and Longitude logged: Check.

Hostname: 76- *** ** *** …logged: Check.

ISP: SBC Internet Services logged: Check.

Broadband, I see. Logged: Check.

Browser: Opera 11.5 logged: Check.


Javascript disabled logged: Check.

Laughing at the stupidity? You bet! Check.

Mistress Savannah.


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