A Cautionary Tale…

It is easy to misunderstand he of the long silver-white hair.  He can seem so sweet, so lovely, so utterly adorable. His beauty and power, his intelligence of thought, combined with that gentle sweetness at times, can be a heady mix indeed!

Many have sought him out.  Many have vied for his affections. Many have attempted the pursuit of that which was never theirs to pursue. Many have felt that they were most deserving, more deserving or, at best, that they would give it a try.  As a result, many have felt the consequences of those erroneous beliefs.  There are too many tales to tell, so one shall serve for now.

The Priestesses whose worship turned to lust, had thought to bind themselves to him.  They had thought to use a token of his to make him theirs, to summon and keep him by their sides, for they desired him so!

He arrived as they began the ceremony. He knew what they intended, of course.  He simply smiled, then growled a little. “Not a one of you are worthy of me” he said, as those hooked weapons appeared in his hands. “Nor will you ever be!” he added, before he went to work.  For there was only ever one, and there will only ever be one for him.

They were still alive when he was done; at least in part.

And, as he barred the Temple doors as he left, trapping them within it, he set a burning torch to it and walked away.  He stopped, just briefly, to look over his shoulder at what he had done.

“Ah”, he said. “What a pretty fire!”.

And he walked on without another backwards glance…

So let this tale stand as a warning to those who still think to take what is not theirs to take; to bind what is not theirs to bind; to disregard another’s wants, and substitute them with their own.

Heed my words, or not.  It matters little to me if you choose to ignore them.  After all, the consequences will remain the same.


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  1. One of us has only asked for friendship…. and so very honored to have remained that way for so very long………..
    As always

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