Ever have one of those moments when you think “Oops, I shouldn’t have done that!”?

Ever wish you could do something differently if you had a chance to turn back the clock?

Ever know you should have listened to your instincts once you realised that it was too late?

Ever act appallingly only to discover that your behaviour actually cost you something significant?

Ever choose the wrong side?

Ever think you knew better?

Ever underestimate something’s worth?

Ever over-estimate something’s worth?

Ever simply refuse to listen to something that you really should have heard?

Ever realise that you were actually wrong?

Your actions and choices of yesterday are your consequences of today.

I am aware of that simple fact.  As a result, I try to make a bed that I enjoy laying in…





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  1. I used to but there is no percentage in it. I cleared all of the false friends, liars, and con artists out of my life. I am rarely if ever disappointed any more. I could stand a little patience and mayhap some compassion with a bit more understanding, others could use a LARGE dose of DOUBT removal coupled with FAITH, and belief…..
    We are all on this train and its on the right track just so you know……….

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