It’s Me Again!

Yes. It is.  You were given so much.  Oh so very much.  The opportunities were as myriad as they could be.

My gaze has turned upon you now. They say that’s not a good thing for some.

It is because it’s not.

I look at you now, so full of excuses.  I see your ineptitude is wearing a ‘Captain Obvious’ hat today!  I wear one too, when I feel like it.  Mine reads ‘Captain Not So Obvious’.  Its brim is shiny.

I like shiny things.

Stupidity, blame, selfishness, greed. Laziness, ignorance, false hope, and a failing intellect.  You judged.  You were judged in turn.  Guess what?

You were found wanting...

I like my hooks.  They are shiny.  Did I mention that I like shiny things?

Well.  I do.

It is almost a pity to get these ones dirty. But I have a job and I like my job.

That pain was not warranted. Oh no. It was undeserved.

The pain that I shall mete out will not be. I can assure you of that!

You know what you have done. You know it well.  You can hide all you want, in the dark recesses of your mind, but I have a torch. It is shiny too!

I like shiny things.

“Mind control”? Or “mind over matter”? Can you pick the same word in those two phrases?

Or has your mind already gone?

Consequences are consequences and this one is personal.

I shall look forward to this for I have waited so long!


I shall even wave at you before I start!  See?



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