The Warrior.

There comes a time when even the best of warriors must concede defeat.  A seasoned veteran knows better than most when continued battle will achieve no success.

I am one such.

I have walked away from the undeserving.  They are beneath my notice and not worth the little effort it would take me to destroy them. They were assessed in seconds and their sheer in-consequence  always shone like a beacon in a sea of sewerage. They were mown down by green troops, eager for the kill, if not eager for ‘finesse’.

I have protected the innocent and done what they could not.

I have crushed the enemy with decisive blows.

Many times.

Many, many times.

And so I say to you, Marie, “I know all that has remained unspoken”.  A good warrior has access to good communication and my channels are second to none.

And I say to you, Jess, “You tried”.

I will waste no effort on a defeated cause.  To do so is imprudent at best, and useless at worst.

And with that, I turn this ice-cold gaze upon the horizon before me. I see much further than most…

I shall win that battle with ease.

Perhaps we shall share a toast in the Afterlife?

For I already know that I will not see you again in this one…







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Filed under Observations on Life and the Universe as I See it.

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