If that is not clear, let me state it again now. ENOUGH! WHO are you to judge my wife? WHO are you to lay undeserved blame at her feet because it is easier than looking at your own faults and failings and your own selfish heart? WHO are you to determine her motives, true nature, and intentions when your own house is out of order and has been out of order for DECADES? Your own dreadful behaviour, exacerbated over time, and contributed to in equal measure by both of you, with your deliberate manipulations and falsehoods, and abusive, dysfunctional selfish worldview is what has caused such grief and turmoil in your own life! That is as FAR from my wife’s fault as it is possible to GET! I know a great deal about blame; particularly misplaced accusations. And you sit there plotting and planning the demise of the only woman I have ever loved while I assure you that this post is utterly untainted by any filters but my own politeness for her personal comfort. If I did not love her so I would not bother with niceties now. I hold so little fondness for either of you that it resides in the minus figures. You, who thought of me as a possession; a toy, a THING to be commanded while you bandied about words like ‘friendship’ and ‘love’ have become truly despicable to me. True friendship and true love are overjoyed when a friend finds loving companionship, especially a love such as THIS one. Where was that joy? Hmmm? Oh, it was not there. There was merely a sense of selfish sadness, as if I were a thing to be STOLEN or KEPT. “Mine” is a word you use far too freely and I am NOT yours and never was.

Even now it is far easier for you to assume that I need ‘liberating’ from what you, in your steadfast ignorance, have judged to be a foul being beyond imagining. I am as equally familiar with ‘the foul’ as I am with ‘misplaced blame’ and I quite happily place you in the category of ‘the foul’ now. For throughout this entire affair you have had nothing but your own wants in mind; conveniently throwing a soul to the dogs when, in naive innocence, she threw HERSELF away to help you both. And now that you spend your days plotting and planning as much agony as possible for her you continue to ignore your own initial objectives. I have not forgotten them.

You think no further than the tip of your own twisted mind; gleefully piling up blame upon blame upon blame upon the utterly wrong target. Ahh, but we know what happens when an attack is not warranted so please, do continue. I shall look forward to the results.

You have become beyond abhorrent in my own eyes. It is clear that you remain a NON-friend for your consideration of my own wishes on this matter bears as little merit in your own decisions as my brother’s EVER did.

I am NO possession. I am NO object. I am lost to you forever more, and quite happily may I add, for I have seen your true nature now and it cannot BE unseen. Shall I turn my own mirror upon you and show you what you have become? Refusing to take personal responsibility for your own nefarious deeds towards those in your life is far from a new angle so it is extremely doubtful that you would see now if I were to bother!

Back up and back OFF. Days and nights and weeks and months and years spent piling up misery upon a being that had both a JOB to do AND your best interests at heart, while she was sucked in and manipulated into believing that her action was required, is such a LOVING way of behaving, isn’t it?

I am so far beyond being sick of your behaviour and vengeful, misguided attacks that I would detonate this planet with you beneath it if I could right now.

I have NEVER been more serious OR more completely OUTRAGED in my entire EXISTENCE.

You are DEAD to me and forevermore shall BE!

You wish to know about the ring you claim I placed in your keeping? Look to your daughter’s father for the answer to THAT. It is amazing how similar ‘one of a kind’ rings can be when purchased at a convenient time.




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