“Coda of Carnival Night”

My dear friend Mark Wilson wrote an incredible poem. He asked me to paint it. I would need a canvas the size of half a house to do that so I took parts of it and created the work you see here instead. As usual the iPad photos do not do it justice. The real piece looks positively three-dimensional. Now for some additional information. The blood spatter was painted with utter GLEE to ‘Africa’ by ‘Toto’. The symbolism of that act should be telling once you read his poem (Included below). The green on the characters to the far right was chosen deliberately. It is a colour called ‘Hooker’s Green Deep’. Deep, huh? The choice of ’emeralds’ was also deliberate, but one would need to know the symbolism inherent in that particular stone in order to understand my choice. I appreciate that the photo make the work difficult to see so I will add that, yes, those are butterflies on the children. Here is the poem:

Coda of Carnival Night

Inviting desire as a wild orchid’s
wax and velvet chapel would
the mosaic prayer of a butterfly’s
delving proboscis, bodies limber
and easy as green stems in the wind,
long pastel gigolos lean aloof
against the capitol’s hard marble
creeping their elegant fingers
between silk buttons to wade
in their bellies’ supple puddles
and into bottomless pockets
where their manicured tips
furtively nurture lithe fevers.
Their indecipherable sight,
set somewhere in the symmetry
of sable-swept brows and sockets
seemingly honed of wet charcoal,
deigns to observe a speeding gilt carriage
trailing the tail of the serpentine carnival,
coiling in its final fleeting wake
the mid-air snake of lowly street debris.
Under the weight of its glistening freight
of masked musicians’ eyes
darkalive in slots of bright porcelain,
gold wheels shoot their encrusted jewels
like bullets into the flesh
of looting children soon studded
with dazzling wounds rounding the corner
like a constellation hastily
rearranging a colorful new truth:
Glamour is cruel.

“Coda of Carnival Night” (C) Mark Wilson.

Here is my artwork, of the same name.

"Coda of Carnival Night" (C) Mistress Savannah 2014. Acrylics on Stretched Canvas.

“Coda of Carnival Night” (C) Mistress Savannah 2014. Acrylics on Stretched Canvas.



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