Cleaning House.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to two beautiful souls that I had the pleasure of meeting recently. Marie and Jess, you transformed my life.  Thanks will never be enough…


As I sat among my worldly possessions and began sorting, packing, and throwing things away, I got to thinking about my life and life, in general.  I found myself thinking about how difficult it can be to sort one’s self out in comparison to one’s belongings.  And then I realised that it is only as hard as you decide it is.  With that realisation firmly in mind, my possessions took on their own form of symbolism and, as I began sorting, packing, and clearing these things, I did the same thing with my self.  You can do your own version of this if you’re not too lazy, blind to your own faults, or clutching desperately to some kind of self-serving and pathetic victim mentality.  It’s easy.  Let me show you how by using the following analogies:

The really ugly gift given to you by a dear friend.  In this case, that ugly gift symbolises a warped opinion that they hold about you.  Do you keep their opinion even though it is ugly and incorrect, simply because they are dear to you?  Why?  It’s ugly. Toss it out! Gone. This concept also applies to ugly ‘gifts’ given to you by family, other friends, and complete strangers, alike.

The old love letters that you kept from a relationship long since past.  Why do you still have those letters?  They are no longer relevant.  What part of that long gone relationship are you still holding onto? And how is it continuing to clutter up your life now? The letters no longer remind you of the love you once felt (neither do the photos, or the person who wrote those words) They symbolise loss, pain, and irrelevance now. Toss them out! Gone.

The unwanted belongings left behind by a departed flatmate; their baggage. What are you doing dealing with someone else’s baggage?  Did you choose to accept their baggage? Did you want their baggage? Fuck no!  Why carry around or deal with someone else’s baggage if you have not chosen to accept it? It’s not yours and never was to begin with! Get rid of it!  They dumped it on you and didn’t have the courtesy to spare you, so why show any courtesy to it? Remove it. Get rid of it, it doesn’t apply to you. Gone.  In my case, this was incredibly easy to deal with because I am already beyond sick of ‘paying for the sins of others’!

The clothes that no longer fit you or are out of date? Get rid of them like the ideas and beliefs that no longer fit, or that you have outgrown.

The beautiful photos, keepsakes, and treasures that make you smile just to look at them? Keep them, store them, cherish them like the loved ones you hold dear, now.

The practical items that you need to survive? Keep those too.  Sure, they take up a bit of room, but they make your life easier like the wisdom and tools that they are.

The belongings that you value but that will no longer be missed? Gift them to others, and share your abundance.

The items of value that you no longer need can be sold, like the skills and abilities you have learned over time.

I could go on, but I think you see my meaning. It is incredibly easy to clear out a lot of emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical crap, if only you will make a bit of effort and take the time to actually work on doing so!  I have now cleared my own life out of unnecessary dross with ease.

Oh. The bills. Well, we all have those. Pay them. We all have debts and payments that we must make. Getting rid of those is not always as easy but they can be dealt with, too, if you are prepared to work on doing so 😉


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